We need connection and collaboration as entrepreneurs to grow and learn, and support and guidance to expand our businesses in a way that feels aligned.

You might have questions like…

  • How do I adjust my product/service offerings?
  • How can I get to know my ideal customer, especially if their lives have changed recently?
  • What are others doing to juggle business with kids at home?
  • How can I get better results from my social media campaigns?
  • What are the best platforms for online stores or courses?

This is where the Catalyst community comes in—bringing entrepreneurs around the country together each month for Q+A Wednesday on the first Wednesday of each month for open conversations, peer support, consulting, and answers to your toughest questions, without judgment and at no cost. 

Each month the topics are different, for example, loan and grant resources, increasing market share, positioning yourself as a thought leader, word-of-mouth sales, marketing funnels, or growth strategies, and may include tutorials and guest expert interviews.

You're not alone. Join us for this is a completely free community call and get the support you need, scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month at 9am PST/ 12pm EST. Calls are hosted by Catalyst Branding + Business Consulting founder Jennifer Maggiore. Please note that by attending, you consent to appear in recorded videos shared with registered participants for learning purposes.

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Founder, Catalyst Branding + Business Consulting


Meet your call host, Jennifer Maggiore.

Jennifer is an award-winning business growth consultant offering a unique blend of pragmatic and soulful guidance essential for success today.

A successful serial entrepreneur since 2005, she's worked with thousands of business owners to embrace their personal power, identify and serve their purpose, increase their profits, and pursue fulfillment and well-being.

Jennifer consults with entrepreneurs across the nation in groups and one-to-one to grow their businesses and meet their personal and professional potential. Learn more by setting up a complimentary consultation here.

"Jennifer is truly a joy to work with. I've gained so much clarity about the direction I want to take my business. She's smart, strategic, and wildly creative. What I really love is how she listens to me... best of all, she truly genuinely cares about my success." Barbara Huson, author of Sacred Success, leading authority on Women, Wealth, & Power

"Working with Jennifer has been a game-changer for both my business and my personal mindset. My meetings with Jennifer have consistently yielded incredible new ideas and launch strategies - there is no way I'd be achieving so many goals I set for myself without Jennifer in my corner." Elena Joy Thurston, activist and speaker