Do you know the number one thing you need to do to attract your dream clients on repeat? Get clear on your Ideal Customer Avatar (or ICA).

When you gain clarity around whom you're trying to attract, knowing how to speak to them specifically and their pain points become much easier.

This free workbook will help you understand exactly who your ideal customer is and you will learn:

  • how to build out Demographics, or statistical data like age, gender, income, and relationship status of your ideal customer
  • to outline Psychographics, or attitudes and other psychological criteria like hobbies, interests, fears, and goals
  • more about Brand Experience, to get you thinking about why your ideal customer would choose you, what would get them to buy again, refer to you, and more!
ideal customer avatar

Once you're crystal clear on who you're targeting, your prospects will know that you understand their exact problems and can offer them the perfect solution, positioning as the go-to expert in your industry. When you sign up for The Delta Newsletter below for business resources, solutions, and insights to transform your business, you'll receive the Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet. We will never share your contact info.


Founder, Catalyst Branding + Business Consulting


"Jennifer is truly a joy to work with. I've gained so much clarity about the direction I want to take my business. She's smart, strategic and wildly creative. What I really love is how she listens to me... best of all, she truly genuinely cares about my success." Barbara Huson, author of Sacred Success, leading authority on Women, Wealth, & Power

"Working with Jennifer has been a game-changer for both my business and my personal mindset. My meetings with Jennifer have consistently yielded incredible new ideas and launch strategies - there is no way I'd be achieving so many goals I set for myself without Jennifer inmy corner." Elena Joy Thurston, activist and speaker

Jennifer is an award-winning business growth consultant offering a unique blend of pragmatic and soulful guidance essential for success today.

A successful serial entrepreneur since 2005, Jennifer has supported thousands of business owners to embrace their personal power, identify and serve their purpose, increase their profits, and pursue fulfillment and well-being.

She consults with entrepreneurs across the nation in groups and one-to-one to grow their businesses and meet their personal and professional goals. Learn more about how she can support you and set up a complimentary consultation here.